Wanderlust Everyday

Wednesdays in the office are all about Wanderlust, part of my job being to update our social media outlets, and all social media outlets loving daily clever hashtags (#WanderlustWednesday).

Anywho, I love Wanderlust Wednesday, both inside and outside of the office. While traveling is obviously an amazing, breath-catching, cultural blending experience in itself, sitting at home and wondering about a trip, a location, an attraction, etc, is almost just as magical.

You invent your own trip from your desk this way. You decide how you will get there, where you will stay, what you will do, what it will look like….even what it may smell like.

Using your imagination to take a mental vacation is one of the best things you can do for yourself today, so let’s take a trip!

These photos are from a very old phone and a very young Danielle (age 15-ish), taken on my first big trip away from home in High School. My Upward Bound group went to Rock City that year, nestled gorgeously on the edge of Tennessee and Georgia (well, pretty close anyway).


Friday Photo

Get out and grab some lake this weekend!


Credit Profreshionally Simple All Rights Reserved





A Senior Capstone Project Revisited (2014)


In generations before us college was an interpersonal connection of faces and names, knowing the right people and meeting the wrong ones by mistake, or vice versa. We shook professors hands and hugged fraternity brothers unashamed, we even looked our peers in the eyes during conversations and important events. We didn’t, however, have the networking abilities to find each person we made a connection with and further the relationship afterward, nor did we view this as immediately necessary.

Today instead of graduating from a swirling world of face to face interaction, a real life world of faces so to speak, we are graduating from an institution of screens. Mirrors reflecting our true selves, social media has taken control of our lives as students and humans in general, and it is by no means going away anytime soon.

We put into our profiles and pages our whole life, our experiences and our events. We use these screens as electronic journals, typing away our thoughts and plans, hoping that other people care about them just as much as we do. Our free time is spent checking up on what other people are doing in their free time, which is most likely something similar to what we’re doing on our own screen.

Look around in hallways anywhere on campus and you’ll see an average of 7/10 students or teachers on their phones. The quad is full of professional iPhone filtered photographers, and each concert or comedian visiting is hard to see through the glare of phones in the crowd. Laptops have taken precedence over paper, typing skills over cursive skills, and homework is preferred electronically over personally. If you need an extension you can hop on Gmail or Facebook and send a quick line to a professor, connect with them instantly.

So why are we so addicted to social media, and how is it affecting our lives? Do the negatives of screen envy outweigh the positives of networking or is social media simply another small step on the grander scale of technological advancement that we must learn to live with and adapt to even further?

In my series of flash fiction pieces, I would like to address these issues and allow you to think about them as you listen to the stories of our generation, our songs of screens. Like the irresistible songs the sirens sang to the men in the Odyssey, these stories show the irresistible attraction to screens, in almost any form, that we all now have.

These stories put into words our digital experiences that we have not, and our real emotions that come along with them. They are books of peoples experiences, with no faces or names to distract from the bigger picture, these stories are FacelessBooks.

Flash Fiction Series Revisited to be posted soon.

Mental Health Monday – I used to do these, right?

I haven’t been posting nearly as much as I have over previous months, actually, i’d say my posting has been fairly nonexistent.

I’m not sure if it is a general change in my life and/or thought process or if it is my mood stabilizers kicking in finally, but I simply have no desire to share my thoughts or write anything extra. I still write daily at work for our travel websites and on the side for Missouri Life Magazine, but I am no longer writing flash fiction or novella could-be’s.

This is something I am worried about (of course) because it seems so unlike me to not post on my blog or social media, but I simply don’t see the point in putting all my thoughts and photos out right now.

Has anybody experienced this general lack of sharing enthusiasm or perhaps experienced the beginning effects of sertraline (Zoloft) on creativity?

Regardless, I hope you are all doing well, blogging friends!

-D.R Breshears

Friday Photo

Here are a couple shots from my walk today, I’m feeling very green today!

The first is edited and I am undecided on whether I like the approach or not. The second is unedited, and I like it that way. I’m sure I will add better lighting though, that is what it’s lacking.


Tuesday Tidbit: Salvation

Happy Flash Fiction day, friends!

This is an unfinished piece I just wanted to get out in my blog stream for today and out of my head. I do not know where it is going or why it is going there but it felt urgent as an idea. I always love watching other writers process of creation, so over the next few Tuesdays I will be adding to and editing this piece, stay tuned if it peaked your interest!


-D.R Breshears

He spoke of religion as if it were the only way to salvation.

That clearly was not the case, not anymore.

That’s what I set out to teach him the day I strolled in the bright, dental-lab-white chapel, presenting for all my just-for-decoration-rosary and a scent of general disbelief.

“We have to entertain the possibility of salvation as a widespread overwhelming belief in humanity and purpose in general, not of a single source of life and death.” I sat the book down in front of him as I spoke, my hands not shaking as they were before during the sermon.

He smirked in a way that made me feel stupid and unbelievably irritated.

“If you happen to think you are going to come back into my life and try to teach me about your God then you have another thing coming”, he snarled with a smile.

I remembered when we were together in that moment, staring at his twisted mouth movements and agitated eye twitches. We were young and stupid, even more stupid than we both appeared to be today. We loved the idea of reincarnation and karmic cycles of life at the time, ideas that seem so beautiful and simple today.

We were never in love with each other, we were only in love with our ideas and beliefs as a couple.

“I truly believe that salvation is about a broad spectrum of faiths across the world coming together in a belief of a higher power. I don’t believe that it has to be broken up into certain denominations. This could be something I’m completely wrong about and fully expect to pay for when judgment comes, if judgment comes,” I said as I stared past his blank expression and wondered why I was bothering myself with my former lover’s future salvation.

“It will, and you will” was his reply as he inched the book back toward me.

Friday Photo

Today I’m sharing one of my very first, and very favorite, classic Profreshionally Simple shots.

Enjoy, and have a great weekend!