Procrastination, Partying, and Pizza: The College experience.

What else is really expected of you at college?

Now if I read this statement a year ago as a hardworking bright-future-ahead-of-me high school senior I may have laughed at the overly used stereotype of college students.

Oh but the amount of truth this statement holds is actually astounding.

Going into college I had every intention to put my almost perfected art of procrastination aside and really buckle down. I mean come on, I was actually putting myself into years and years of debt to learn new things and better my life, time to get serious. Easier said than done.

Also, partying was never my thing in high school. It wasn’t so much that I didn’t like the aspect of going out with my peers and getting completely shitfaced. As a teenager, who really would pass up this opportunity? No, my reason for not being a partier was half my moral and religious obligation against it, half the lack of invitations to said parties. I mean I wasn’t a complete loser. I could have found my way to some if I tried. Trying to get invited to a party in high school didn’t seem like a time worthy activity to me though. Little get-togethers with close friends kept me occupied enough.

As for pizza, well, it’s not like that was a new found love of mine in high school. Everybody loves pizza. The reality of how big of a part of your daily diet depends on pizza in college may surprise you though.

First, my experiences with procrastination in just my first semester of college. Where to begin? Procrastination is like a drug. One that once addicted to it, you’re in for the long hull. It’s a long lazy road that no one should find themselves on, especially in a college institution. It started off slow at college. I missed a few journal entries, did them about 15 minutes before class. Easy enough to do and I still got great feedback from them. Then I realized that in college, no teacher is going to force you to do your homework or beg you to turn it in late. You are completely on your own in that department of responsibility. Well yeehaw! It looked like no homework for Danielle! This way of thinking caught up with me fast though. I started putting huge essays off until the night before. Not just the night before, but usually 1 a.m. of the night (well, morning) before. Even this didn’t get me to stop. I altogether started not doing my essays or take home quizzes and made up highly put together excuses the next day that my professors actually ate up. That’s what being a professional teacher’s pet and an exceedingly exceptional creative writing student for four plus years will get you.  I’d like to tell you that I’m going to be ending this section of my college experience with a big heartfelt lesson learned story, but I have yet to have one. Undoubtedly I will be procrastinating my way through semester two of my freshmen year, but I have learned my limits on what’s acceptable and what’s not.

Second, partying. The words ‘college’ and ‘partying’ are practically interchangeable really. Who knew getting into frat parties on a college dry campus could be so darn easy? I sure didn’t. Until I met my two closest friends of the semester: Partygirl 1 and Partygirl 2. I only call them this because they opened up the world of partying to me. They didn’t only party at college, they were actually fairly serious about getting their education, perhaps more serious than I was (though Partygirl 2 did frequently make the joke that she was at college pursuing her mrs. Degree.) These girls taught me how to pregame, what to pregame with, how to insure that you’ll get into the party, how to keep your valuables hidden in scantily clad party outfits, how to get home safely, but most importantly, these girls taught me how to freaking party. Our weeks became slow countdowns till Friday and Saturday night parties. I must say the freshmen depression is easily fought with loud music and jungle juice. I can tell you that this section does end on a good note though, and I have learned my lesson with the limits of what I can consume in accordance to the stupid things I do when I’m drunk. No amount of fun is worth looking like a complete idiot the night before.

Finally, pizza. Unfortunately there’s no big exciting story with this one. College students just love pizza. Res hall food isn’t exactly the best, but there is a new type of pizza each day. The pizza choices are usually more appealing than whatever the main course of the day is. Not only is it a tasty and easy backup plan each day, but it also delivers. To dorm rooms. Greatest invention ever. The town I attend college in is especially great about this because they are famous for a little downtown pizza joint that delivers for free to anywhere on campus. They don’t only sell authentic pizza pies, but they are famous for their ‘ronzas’ which are like miniature calzones that can cater to any personality. Hooray for the freshmen fifteen.

And this, my friends, is college. Stereotypically true in most aspects. At least from my experience thus far.


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