An Artists Burden

Why is it that the most beautiful things in life cannot be captured?
Not through words, not through photos, not through song.

Beauty must be experienced
Not replicated.

Oh how I wish i could describe the raw beauty of a spring evening.
Make you feel the warm gentle breeze, hear the song birds happily chirping, taste the crisp air, smell the fresh grass growing, see the blazing pink sun setting.

Or how a photographer wishes he could show you the majesty of a brilliantly snow capped mountain top through his ever clicking lens.

Or how a musician wishes he could make you hear the rhythm of a culture through the beat of his song.

We can all only pray that you understand what we try to convey to you,
and that you begin a beautiful experience of your own


A Beautiful Realization

ImageHow can you not fully believe in God and all his overwhelming and unceasingly abundant blessings when you take one step outdoors? Just smell the crisp fresh air, feel the cool breeze on your face, and look at the contrasting swirl of colors of the pinkish orange sunset as the backdrop of the vibrantly green explosion of life atop the surrounding trees.

God is everywhere, in everything. Every natural blessing we may take for granted is a meticulously created gift from our patient creator. Nobody else can care so much for such a morally declining race of species to work to create and maintain such breathtaking and always reviving works of natural art.

The rumbling vibrations of the mysteriously powerful thunder aided by the terrifyingly vibrant flashes of electrical light express God’s utmost power, soothingly and mystifyingly accompanied by the fresh torrent of rain. The lingering smell of earth’s theatric display is graciously followed by the aftershock of a warm storm breeze, blessing our bodies like the endorphinic release an exercise enthusiast gets after an intense run.

Every artifact of our natural world proves the powerfully beautiful love our Father has given us, the strongest emotion that could possibly be known to any man. Realize this undying love every time you look out your window at the falling red tinted leaves, hear the light splash of waves hitting the thirsty shore, or simply notice a particularly fluffy cloud that just so happens to be positioned perfectly to let a single bright fay of sunshine make its way to the surface of the dark earth.

Realize this beauty, and realize the love.