If I had the choice I think my time would be spent roaming around my dreams, instead of wandering around the harsh bore that is reality.

It’s not that my dreams are always good, always magnificently glorious in some unbelievable way. No, that’s not often the case.

My dreams are just different. A break from the world. From society and the from the rules of basic human interaction.

There is no code of ethics. No limitations on what is possible. What happens in dreams can defy even your own wildest thoughts of possibility.

Miniature stories, full of depth beyond belief. That is what your own unconscious mind creates for you every night, each one brand new and equally complex. A thrill to explore.

You can dream of a loved one, a lover, a lost love.
Perhaps your dreams are darker, full of images of death, fear, hopelessness.
Or maybe your dreams, like mine, are constantly pushing the realm of normality, constantly bending situations in ways both terrifying and awe inspiring.

Regardless of what you dream on a particular night, dreaming in general is an escape, one that pays not attention to location or situation. It is a luxury that you can take anywhere. An old friend.

Dreaming is a blessing, an exotic adventure to look forward to every night.

If I had the choice, my time would be spent dreaming my life away.