Weary, she stepped outside.

The smell of summer still clung to her clothes.
Her sun-soaked skin still remembered the scratch of corn stalks
and the sweet caress of wheat tops as though it were yesterday.

Exhausted, coming down from nature’s busy season,
she put the work of the past days behind her,
and looked around in anticipation for the next arrival.

A cool breeze danced through the trees
as the leaves began to change and fall.
A flurry of rustic auburns began to blanket the earth.

Relieved, the girl took a deep breath,
taking in the crisp harvest air.
Hayrides, crisp apples, and pumpkin pies
were on the horizon as the season of change announced itself.

Relaxing, finally, the girl looked ahead
welcoming the new arrival and the changes it would bring.
Then she fell, just as the leaves, beautiful and free.


Another notch.

Another notch.

Lifting her head,
she watched as love left her room once again.

Drained of all emotion,
she stared out the window and watched life blossom around her.

Dismissively she shook
out the feelings of regret and denial.

Cruely she laughed,
thinking of the mess that she had left for herself and her lover.

Pleasantly she welcomed
the feeling of emptiness again, resolute with its presence once more.