A colder path.

As I walk along the newly found path to collect my thoughts I notice how the day smells quite dead and also quite cold.
The crisp air burns my nose with each breath, yet something about the stillness of the day makes me glad to be here.
Maybe it’s the quiet chatter of the birds who make the leaves slowly and beautifully fall to blanket the frosted ground.
Or maybe it’s the smell of evergreens floating through the breeze that remind me of a wonderful place I’ve yet to see.
Every step I take snaps a new twig or crunches a new leaf, and it almost seems as though I may be unwelcome here, disturbing the still forest as it takes a chilly slumber.
The thought occurs to me that maybe this isn’t the place for me at this time.
I try to walk more carefully and embrace the bitter cold wind coloring my cheeks a deep rosy red without complaint so I can blend in with my peaceful surroundings and stay a bit longer.
A brilliantly colored bluebird observes me from a low branch as I tip toe around an awe-inspiringly tall oak tree.
The wind makes a sudden shift in direction and the leaves begin to fall more rapidly.
The smell to me seems to change from the bleak and harsh one before to a more earthy and natural smell that makes me feel, above all, as if I were home.
It seems to welcome and invite me into the natural beauty of the place, and all of the sudden it hits me that I am right where I need to be, doing exactly what I’m meant to be doing.


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