The Balancing Act

Life is a delicate balance
Fantasies and responsibilities, decisions and daydreams.
You are told to prepare for a better future, while enjoying the present, and learning from the mistakes of the past.
You grow up under your parents loving care, and are told to never do as they did.
Life demands you make mistakes, at the same time avoid failure and prosper in success.
You teeter on the edge of holding on to your youth as they all tell us we should, as we want to, to jumping over to the seriousness of adulthood, as they tell us we must, as we long to.
Careers, families, and money making all lie in the path of successful futures, while falling in love, building friendships, and expanding one’s mind are emphasized in the now.
How is there time for both? Which world do you live in?
Can we be youthful, careless, and free while still responsibly preparing for a happily whole life?
Can we be mature, prosperous, and in control while still loving life in all its beautiful spontaneity?
Do we do what makes us happy, or what makes us fruitful?
The answer lies in the balancing act, the beautifully frustrating art of life.


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