writers notebook

As a part of my senior writing workshop class we are encouraged to write daily in a thought journal, with scraps of anything motivating to you writing wise. I gave it a shot and fell in love with the idea, so here’s a look at my first ‘little thoughts’.

Song on commercial says ‘under the moonlight, the serious moonlight’. Serious moonlight. Now that’s intense. Mood setter?

Professor said ‘it has a passionate love scene, what would it be today if it didn’t?’ I agree, I wouldn’t be as interested, but why? Is today’s skewed moralistic values making romance equal to sex? Is lust the new love?

Fact: All[most?] Disney character villains are fat. Let’s stray away from stereotypes or modern norms. Push the limits.

Story about a man born with absolutely no natural instincts.

A darker ‘Groundhogs Day’ story- once a person dies, they are sent back to birth, only with full perception, understanding, and memory of previous life. Must repeat life cycle until they figure out at what point in their life they died and why they couldn’t cope in afterlife, thus living on in his own mind.

Sometimes ‘happy endings’, those perfect summer romance endings, end up being the biggest tragedies of all. Nothing stays perfect or pure once reality taints it.

I’m a pessimist.

Do you think Shakespeare needed a thought notebook? Are some writers just good enough to be purely mind oriented?