A State of Misconception

They call it Misery
I pronounce it Missouri
The difference is a slight
minor phonic misconception.

Miss, like our feelings toward summer
or MIzz, to match the Zou
show me, the state of flashing
of meth, and flowering dogwoods too.

The middle’s all the same, er,
humider, windier, cornfieldier
split, by our namesakes river-er

They say St.louis is dangerous,
country grammar and screaming eagles abound
KC as well, with the heat of the paseo
and concrete jungle downtown

In the West Chief indians battle war ready Rams
while our Royalties battle Cardinals
(too heavily populated in the East lands)

And I think we can all agree about the ee,
Scott Joplin rode our trains,  created ragtime
on the MKT, I very seriously doubt he thought this was misery


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