Of Babylon


We, my sleepless generation,
us whores of Babylon,
know nothing of an end
nothing of a beginning
nothing of an above or below.
We know sex is where we came from
and dead is where we’ll eventually go.
In Babylon we know of selfish passion
riding the beast’s back
7 times over,or sometimes 6 (6, 6).
We rip into earth’s loins
taking pleasure like candy.
breaking again and again bliss’es spine.
Maybe that’s why the strongest lust
is only the devil’s wine.
We whores of Babylon
see red, crimson thick as brick red,
love as hot as lava flowing
these days etirely too freely, destroying
our paths, igniting our desires.
Because we’ll all burn to death like this,
in life’s apocalpytic fires.


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