The Boy Who Poked Around Too Much

Preview 2 of FacelessBooks (a 6 part series)

The Boy Who Poked Around Too Much


“Dude, did you hear about that guy that has that new… virus…on the team? Coach is gonna make us all do mandatory tests now “for our own good”. How fucking embarrassing. Just because one prick that isn’t even that fast on the field poked around too much doesn’t mean the rest of us do. Or at least don’t get dirty diseases when we do,” the tall and tan wide receiver smirked.


“Poked around too much? Really? Dude, Facebook much?” his unfortunately short but perfectly built defensive lineman friend scoffed.


“No man, i’m completely serious, he got it online.”


“I’m not sure you know how mommys and daddys have alone time bro, you don’t get diseases online…”


“It’s a virus though man, he was poking around too much with the wrong type of girls online, you know how that stuff goes.” The wide receiver flashed his crooked smile all the JV cheerleaders seemed to go crazy for as he slid a black vneck and threw his football jersey in his locker.


“Are you trying to tell me that he literally poked girls online and got an std because of it? I think Mr. Harper is still signing freshmen up for sex ed if you want to join…”


“Ha ha ha. It’s called the facebook virus smart ass. When someone messes around with only online girls and gets more than he bargained for afterwards, bam, facebook virus.” The tan high schooler tossed his football in the air and caught it as he waited for his friend to finish changing.


“You’re kidding me. So who were the girls? From our school? Jenny and Tanya always hang around him. I bet he got it from Tanya.” The lineman shut his locker and snatched the football midair from his friend.


“I’m not sure, all I heard was that tons of girls have complained about him ‘poking’ them constantly online, I don’t know who actually got poked,” he laughed as they left the locker room.


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