Have you heard?

I have a novel idea, literally, and I want to share tidbits of the story every now and then.

This portion is unlike most of the creepy, loss-filled story, but I love my heroines blissful moments of appreciation like this so I will share this bright moment on this bright and beautiful Friday.

When he looked back at her he smiled, not just any smile, but that heart melting, jaw dropping, head spinning smile that he gave her every now and then that she couldn’t respond to in any proper human way. Her soul smiled back, and she took his hand as they walked further along the dimly lit path, looking forward to the vibrantly colored and brightly bursting clearing.

She didn’t walk as confidently as he did, his steps each dramatically hitting the perfect spot on the path that led way to the next perfect spot, while hers stumbled through the hidden holes covered with leaves and askew rock formations that sent her tumbling again and again. He always waited patiently, he always helped her back up. It was in these trying moments, the tumbling and the falling and the needing picked back up again, that she could always count on him to be there for her. He was the best hiking partner she could ever ask for.

They made their way into the clearing, full of an ethereal glow about the wildflowers that put her in a dream-like state. The Wind blew her hair and invited her to run through the long, wild grass with Him, but her hand tugged on his without thinking and she fell backwards into the soft grass, pulling him along with her.

These moments were lustful and innocent and sexual and beautiful, and she would get so lost in them she wanted to cry when Time and Life forced them to leave. He would always pull her up softly, then less softly as he pulled her upwards into a body hug that she could have melted into if Life would let her.

Stay tuned for more, creepier portions of Destinations!


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