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Request to fellow wordsmiths

I know I have some really successful writers, authors, and photographers following my page, so I would like to take a moment to ask you all where to begin when looking to self publish a novel, and also a coffee table photography publication.

I would love to make 2016 my year but don’t quite know where to start (on a budget). Any words of wisdom and advice will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks 🙂


I am posting a lot today I realize, but I am having a rare, calm, and insightful day at the office so I feel the need to get these words out there into the blogosphere.

I suffer from serious, serious anxiety. I have since I was a kid and I always will, it is something I have come to accept. If you don’t believe the extent of this problem I should let you in on my most current freelance piece, which is titled ‘The ISIS Crisis – My Quarter Life Wake up Call’ (I will definitely share if anyone is interested). Anyway I have struggled immensly this past month with the concept of death and unfinished lives, something that probably terrifies most everyone equally. 

I found a way, however, to calm myself, and it is almost too simple to believe myself. I’m a writer, and I trust my own words and way of thinking above all, so I simply wrote the statement I find the most true, and the most positive of all (I am not a positive person, I am a realist). I hope someone else can be inspired to chill out and let what will be, be.

Life is not fair or guaranteed, but it is yours and meant for you, and perfectly everything that you have to do.

Costa Rican Dreams

It is a new year, and though it is not a new me, it is most certainly a more progressed, developed, and dream-filled me.

This is my year.

I have a seriously amazing job that I find I grow to love more each and every day, considering I am travelling mentally somewhere new each day, and also have a SERIOUS stack of new projects to do (hence the blog photo).

I dyed my hair blonde and I WILL have more fun. Besides, being more positive daily is my most serious resolution.

I will end my battle with cigarettes this year, because slow and steady wins the race and THIS IS MY YEAR!

One of two of the novels I am working on will be finished, hopefully with lucrative and inspiring results!

Oh and going to Costa Rica eventually doesn’t have to be a pipe dream, this is the year I plan my Jamaican honeymoon and Costa Rican Adventure without that nagging ‘you’ll never get there’ feeling in the back of my mind. I do work at a travel agency after all!


costa rica dreams