Costa Rican Dreams

It is a new year, and though it is not a new me, it is most certainly a more progressed, developed, and dream-filled me.

This is my year.

I have a seriously amazing job that I find I grow to love more each and every day, considering I am travelling mentally somewhere new each day, and also have a SERIOUS stack of new projects to do (hence the blog photo).

I dyed my hair blonde and I WILL have more fun. Besides, being more positive daily is my most serious resolution.

I will end my battle with cigarettes this year, because slow and steady wins the race and THIS IS MY YEAR!

One of two of the novels I am working on will be finished, hopefully with lucrative and inspiring results!

Oh and going to Costa Rica eventually doesn’t have to be a pipe dream, this is the year I plan my Jamaican honeymoon and Costa Rican Adventure without that nagging ‘you’ll never get there’ feeling in the back of my mind. I do work at a travel agency after all!


costa rica dreams


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