Let’s get to know each other.


My name is Danielle, author D.R Breshears, and I am the woman behind all the photography and flash fiction madness! Here’s a little bit about me.

1). I graduated last May from Truman State University with an English Creative Writing Major and a Geography and Agriculture double minor. I’m so thankful for such a great University opportunity in my lifetime, especially coming from a very poor family and being a first generation college student.

2). I drink a lot of coffee, and I smoke my fair share of cigarettes (hey I am a writer remember). My heart, in return, hates me and provides me with a lot of palpitations and a fib murmurs.


3). I have many problems with being shy and hating public speaking. I also have what the doctors consider extreme anxiety disorder, depression, and borderline bipolar disorder. Yeesh right, mental shit show! I am currently seeing a life coach about it all, and am working to stay super positive daily.

4). I have never taken an official photography course, but I absolutely love everything about it. I love the rule of three, I love landscape photography, I love walking around my town with my camera in tow waiting for something beautiful to catch my eye.


5). I love anything wild or beautiful. Finding both together is my favorite thing.

6). I am a major family girl. Family comes first, and that’s just a fact.

7). I am currently trying to write about 4 different novels and publish a photography calendar and coffee table book. It’s not going so well so far, but someday I swear you will know my name.


8). I sell my photography online but am realizing nobody wants to buy something they can look at for free online. http://profreshionallysimply.weebly.com/

9). I am in love. Hard.

10). I work for an amazing student travel company in Kirksville called Adventure Student Travel. I work as one of two of their content writers, a social media coordinator, and a web design specialist. I absolutely love it.

11). I am trying to find my purpose on this crazy earth, as are you I’m sure, but all I can come up with so far is love, health, and happiness. And happiness for me is creating. So I create.


12). I’ve lost somewhere between 90 and 100 pounds since high school, it has been a huge confidence and physical body adjustment the past 4 years.

13). I love to travel. My boyfriend doesn’t. We are kind of dealing with this before we decide to have kids.


And that’s pretty much me in a nutshell. I’m kind of a sassy little firecracker with tons of projects, tons of goals, and a never-quitting mind.

Nice to meet you.


Horror Novels and Nature Photography.

Be patient with me today, I plan on getting out some prime novel writing later (my horror novel is actually keeping my lights on at night), but for now if you haven’t already maybe you should go check this out…https://twitter.com/Profreshphoto

Here’s a sample of today’s writing for now!


(Snip-it out of Destinations. Rights Reserved D.R. Breshears)
Hector decided one day at Grammy’s that he was going to play next door instead of by himself, he had gotten tired of imaginary friend games and there was a newly-moved-in younger couple with a boy two years older than he was and a girl one year younger.

Backup: this next recollection is just hearsay, Grammy and Hector can piece together the wildest of tales at times, but regardless this one is important when getting to know Hector, and his new situation, I feel.

Okay, so I should say I remember this day personally as an outright excellent one. For one my hair had taken to the new red and blonde highlights to compliment the natural brown chameleon color it normally had and I was turning heads, of both sexes I might add, when the sunlight hit it right. Self confidence after Joshua’s death is rarely seen, and when it does finally come out to play it feels guilty for being around after the only man who’s opinion on my looks mattered left. Anyway, second it was a Thursday, which was payday and also for some odd reason always my personal most productive and positive day of the week. Third and foremost I was actually managing to get things done, between errands for the house and Hector and buying a gift for a friend expecting any day now and paying my mound of bills I am always too lazy to set up online accounts for. Also in general I was thinking of ideas for the TA (remember Travel America not Tits and Ass, if your mind is wondering) office and starting new design projects on my damned-if-I-swore-I-wouldn’t-admit-it super handy macbook on the go. I was drinking coffee and pumping out ideas and kicking ass, basically, this Thursday, not to mention I had plans for a killer new pork chop recipe I knew Hector would finally like for dinner(with apples and cinnamon), had rented the new animated Pixar something or other he had been going on about this past week, and hadn’t thought about Joshua once in a negative way at all that entire day (damn him for leaving during my prime! oh, wait, there it was).

While I was slaying the world in front of me, demanding more challenges and proving the universe I could handle this earthly shit show, however, Hector was opening doors to physical and mental fear he would not be able to shake for the rest of his life. Again, hearsay on what actually happened, but definitely not hearsay on how he acted afterwards. And that look on Grammy’s face, euuugh. Okay…



Horror Novels and Nature Photography…what a great combination!


Being Depressed is Depressing.

If you yourself are fighting depression, don’t read this, it won’t help.

Being depressed is pretty depressing.

If you are looking for someone to tell you that everything is going to be okay, keep looking. Everything is not going to be okay, and that’s a fact. It is scientifically proven and woven into each and every earthly faith that you will ultimately not be okay, and i’m sorry to keep saying it, it’s just the way it is. You will eventually die, probably in a rather painful way, and you will be not be surrounded by hope and wonder and the harvest of reward for living such an amazing life. No, no you will probably experience a lot of hurt in your life, experience a lot of hurt in your death, and then die. There is nothing else, there is nothing magical afterwards. You won’t even know you were alive, or that that boy you loved until you thought your heart might explode also died, without knowing any feeling of love or lust beyond the grave. I mean, is that okay with you? Are you going to be okay?



Constantly Creating

If you are lucky (or confused) enough to follow my blog regularly you should know by now that I am not usually even close to consistent. I post photography, quotes, flash fiction, dreams, stories, words, and even selfies (yikes I know). Yesterday I was thinking about the randomness of my blog content while perusing social media and I had the pleasure of watching a trippy youtube video about ‘our inner creativity’, and it was super hippy and super let’s love each other, but I did actually take something away from it. Some people, like myself, are just constantly creating, and using their inner ‘force’, god, self, environment, whatever you want to call it, to keep adding their ideas to this world. Hello guys, that is me. So here’s what I did with my morning.


Throwback Thursday – Motivation

For some reason recently i’ve been thinking I can’t do certain things, like I can’t quit smoking cancer sticks and I can’t get fit enough to run more than 1 mile.


It’s funny because I can, and I will, do both. Here’s my visual motivation. Flashback to my first Chicago visit, about 8 years ago, and my last, last weekend. Easy peas-y girl.

PicMonkey Collage