Under Presha

I have been experiencing deep anxiety issues of late, ranging from fear of impending death from ISIS attacks to hitting a deer late at night in my car on the highway to being bludgeoned to death by debt collectors who need me to pay more money than I will make in my entire life. Then there [was]are the holidays, a once loving and utterly magical season that has slowly turned into a living hell full of unfulfilled Christmas lists and disappointed cousins who got nothing from you once again this year.

I have medical issues, which in today’s society means more debt than school, and a job that I am barely keeping my head above water with bills. I get so stressed about this all and then I realize, it truly doesn’t matter, nothing on this earth matters because we will die and become nothing and know nothing of what we did while we were here or of being alive. There is just this small magnetic force keeping us clinging to this dying planet and holding our place in the infinite dark places of space that are not meant for our type of living, so literally, why does this all matter?

Somebody, anybody, tips for crushing anxiety?


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