Wanderlust Wednesday – Danielle’s Travelling [Finally] Blog

So as you may have noticed, my job requires me to research, design, and write about travel daily. DREAM JOB right? Totally! Except, I still don’t get to travel. I never really get to escape my own mind to travel, that is. Sure, I’ve been to the sparkling shores of Oahu’s Waimea Bay Beach this morning. I wrote about the popular bird watching tours that can be taken by Koko Head and I wrote about the sobering cemetery inside a massive crater locals like to call the Punchbowl. I did not, however, actually smell the fresh flower leis upon arrival to Koko Head or feel the salt sprayed ocean air on my own skin during the bird tour. I guess what I’m getting at here is I never want to lose track of my dream to travel, not to be confused with my job of inspiring others dreams to travel. It doesn’t seem like there’s much of a difference, you may say. Well, there is.

My sometimes under-appreciated and over-argued with but always loved and loving boyfriend and I are taking a spontaneous trip to Chicago for Valentine’s day this year, something that only happened because I made the ultimately very adult decision to spend some ‘extra’ money that could have been used on loan payments to go toward a date night to make up for the 3 years of date nights we are behind on (not a knock on my boyfriend, this is totally my fault too). But let’s be real for a second, what is the point of life if you spend every waking moment working for money that you use to pay off debt and see no true, immediate, rewarding return. Don’t get me wrong, bills and school loans are very necessary to pay. But there is plenty of time, is all.

Woah woah woah Danielle, what am I reading here, a travel blog intro or your inner OCD head rantings? Both, my friends, both. (Side note, i’m not even really sure if anybody reads these, I kind of like to just experiment with my writing on here, so bravo if you are). So, travel blog intro? Right. In honor of #wanderlustwednesday (DISCLAIMER: I really hate hashtags, they take away from the beauty of words so much in my opinion, but it is part of my job to Tweet daily and go with the travel trends) I wanted to lay out a basic attention grabbing idea to fellow travel bloggers on my up and coming Chicago on a Budget Blog. It will probably have an ultimately way too long and wordy title like: A Weekend in the Windy City: 2 Can Travel for $300 or Get Down in Chi-Town for Valentine’s Day for Under $300.

Anyway, the reason this is so exciting is because it is my first travel blog! No, really I do these everyday, but this is MY first travel blog, in which I am going, I am feeling, I am seeing, and I am tasting. I’m excited guys, really excited. So, after all this ranting, here’s the point: I am starting my own, non-work related, personal travel blogs, slowly, when my pocketbook allows me or my brain overrides my adult responsibilities. So see you in a couple weeks with one fine, polished, absolutely personal and well-written (why yes I am kind of cocky) Danielle’s Travelling [Finally] Blog.


2 thoughts on “Wanderlust Wednesday – Danielle’s Travelling [Finally] Blog

  1. That sounds like a great chance to really impress yourself! As someone who is working in the texting industry as well, I can just strengthen you in your way to start your own blog! For me personally, my very own blog is the really amazing experience even though it’s not what I gain the most money with 🙂

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