Let’s get to know each other.


My name is Danielle, author D.R Breshears, and I am the woman behind all the photography and flash fiction madness! Here’s a little bit about me.

1). I graduated last May from Truman State University with an English Creative Writing Major and a Geography and Agriculture double minor. I’m so thankful for such a great University opportunity in my lifetime, especially coming from a very poor family and being a first generation college student.

2). I drink a lot of coffee, and I smoke my fair share of cigarettes (hey I am a writer remember). My heart, in return, hates me and provides me with a lot of palpitations and a fib murmurs.


3). I have many problems with being shy and hating public speaking. I also have what the doctors consider extreme anxiety disorder, depression, and borderline bipolar disorder. Yeesh right, mental shit show! I am currently seeing a life coach about it all, and am working to stay super positive daily.

4). I have never taken an official photography course, but I absolutely love everything about it. I love the rule of three, I love landscape photography, I love walking around my town with my camera in tow waiting for something beautiful to catch my eye.


5). I love anything wild or beautiful. Finding both together is my favorite thing.

6). I am a major family girl. Family comes first, and that’s just a fact.

7). I am currently trying to write about 4 different novels and publish a photography calendar and coffee table book. It’s not going so well so far, but someday I swear you will know my name.


8). I sell my photography online but am realizing nobody wants to buy something they can look at for free online. http://profreshionallysimply.weebly.com/

9). I am in love. Hard.

10). I work for an amazing student travel company in Kirksville called Adventure Student Travel. I work as one of two of their content writers, a social media coordinator, and a web design specialist. I absolutely love it.

11). I am trying to find my purpose on this crazy earth, as are you I’m sure, but all I can come up with so far is love, health, and happiness. And happiness for me is creating. So I create.


12). I’ve lost somewhere between 90 and 100 pounds since high school, it has been a huge confidence and physical body adjustment the past 4 years.

13). I love to travel. My boyfriend doesn’t. We are kind of dealing with this before we decide to have kids.


And that’s pretty much me in a nutshell. I’m kind of a sassy little firecracker with tons of projects, tons of goals, and a never-quitting mind.

Nice to meet you.


2 thoughts on “Let’s get to know each other.

  1. A rather diverse site you have here. It’s like a kaleidoscope; turn one way and then another, with beautiful patterns in each direction. And, I must say, the patterns of ideas are enjoyable. Thank you for the following.

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