Much too Much

Today is World Poetry Day, and though this isn’t quite as elegant as my college writing, it is very raw and real to me. Grab some coffee and enjoy (or don’t, it’s not too upbeat).

It is much too much

To leave this bed, enveloped in your love and reminded of your life 

Not because I’m sad

But because of the simple weight of the fragility of this world

Too heavy on my mind, swirled and twirled 


It is when I am the happiest

When things are going well, too well, so well that my heart may burst

When I feel too heavy 

Who I love, who I am, and who loves me, feels much too much

As if I am dying now, as such.


I write for more time

To pretend hopeful for a future I know won’t be there

So fragile, so unsure

is Tomorrow and Life. I am not done, that much I know

Yet here I sit, willing my will to go. 


Signs and Smells

It is sadly a chilly 28 degrees this morning in Northern Missouri, but we still have signs and smells of Spring around every corner!


Lovingly Simple

Not my normal avenue of photography I like to share on here, but damn I love this guy.

I wish the photo was of a better quality pixel wise, but I think this perfectly captures what we both love about one another the most: his intensity and dedication and my passion and spirit.

under paris

Spring is coming….

That means swimsuit season! Here’s my visual motivation for the start of my ‘oh shit I’m supposed to wear a swimsuit in two months’ season, hopefully it helps someone else too!

This season isn’t about weight loss, this season is about toning and becoming more comfortable in my skin!

INspire to be better

Monday Morning Thought

I am still struggling with what the purpose of waking up every day is, but for now all I know is that it is an EXTREME blessing and rare opportunity. I would love to stop worrying about why and start focusing on how. How am I going to make the most of my time? Show love, create love, and inspire love. I need to help others, love my family and creatures resoundingly, and write or create something that will impact another soul in a truly positive manner.

Also I miss spring, and so does my camera.

trees (2)


So I am getting more serious daily about my photography and I have noticed 2 critical things. 1) I need to bring my Cannon camera around with me to truly get quality photos, my phone is disappointing with photo size in the end. 2). I over edit most of the time.

My question for you is this: out of the following, which appeals to you the most? The first is unedited, the second edited a step further, the third the most.

Nature (3)Nature (3)1Nature (3)2