Much too Much

Today is World Poetry Day, and though this isn’t quite as elegant as my college writing, it is very raw and real to me. Grab some coffee and enjoy (or don’t, it’s not too upbeat).

It is much too much

To leave this bed, enveloped in your love and reminded of your life 

Not because I’m sad

But because of the simple weight of the fragility of this world

Too heavy on my mind, swirled and twirled 


It is when I am the happiest

When things are going well, too well, so well that my heart may burst

When I feel too heavy 

Who I love, who I am, and who loves me, feels much too much

As if I am dying now, as such.


I write for more time

To pretend hopeful for a future I know won’t be there

So fragile, so unsure

is Tomorrow and Life. I am not done, that much I know

Yet here I sit, willing my will to go. 


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