The 4 R’s to fixing Depression.

If you are following my blog regularly and are like, ‘damn, this girl is depressing’, I know, I’m sorry. My therapy = writing, and my journal = WordPress. Besides, things can only get better from here, either I’m going to fix my brain or I’m going to get a hell of a book out of this. Either way, I promise I’ll continue with photography posts as well.

Rejuvenation: That one day a week where you’ve gotten over your pity and depression about the general hopelessness of life and have chosen to be productive, think positively, and worry about your future, both health wise and work wise. Aka, today, Wednesday, Humpday.  I think I’m going to start my business plan and apply for another job.

Revaluation: Later that day when you wonder if your new optimism and control of your life is a classic example of ignorance is bliss or a classic symptom of Bipolar disorder. I mean, yeah, things are going great right now and you are mentally stable/productive, but is this really better than being emotionally and mentally raw with how you feel about yourself, your mind, your mortality, and your world? I enjoy being productive and positive, but at what cost to the true knowledge of how I feel?

Relaxation: The last part of your day in which you simply decide to turn your mind off, because you could argue both ways of life and death and positivity and negativity and hopelessness and promise. It’s best to just step away and kick your feet up. I’m going to take a walk.

Relapse: The very next day, when you realize you were right, everything is depressing, everything is pointless, and no one can help you, not even you. Time to fix this.


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