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She Sleeps

‘We don’t have problems here, in this time, today. Don’t you see all the random …stuff we have, all the amenities provided to us to help become the laziest and most pampered era of people this earth has yet to see? We in many ways deserve what is coming to us, though so many of the young do not.’

Those were the words the man was saying, but his lips weren’t moving. It was always this way with this man.

It eventually got to the point where she would look up, in a mocking fashion, and yell ‘c’mon man, learn a new trick, I get it.’

Only, this time when she yelled he stopped speaking and stared right at her. His lips moved, but now he wasn’t saying anything.

A scream was heard from somewhere, from everywhere, and she quickly raised her hands to her ears to try and block it out.

‘These people that surround you are awful. They are vain, hateful, and selfish. You will see.’

She woke up again in a cold sweat, soaked in her sheets with a highly unsteady heart. 

This was how she slept now.


When she passed the bathroom upon waking up that morning to start a pot of coffee she realized very suddenly and very frightfully that all was not right in her home.

She saw briefly, at first, out of the corner of her eye, the figure of herself, within the bathroom, within the mirror, applying lipstick, and glancing at her real form standing in the hallway.
It was so shocking to her that she froze, she stood in terror in front of the bathroom and called for her dog. She had hoped that the legends about dogs sensing spirits were somewhat right, and that he would come and bark or growl it away or, more hopefully, do nothing at all and prove that she was seeing things.

The dog didn’t come and she didn’t move, yet she was moving, she was getting ready and she was looking rather annoyed at herself standing there staring. They both sighed and one continued applying the lipstick, the other continued to the coffee pot. 

Her worst attribute was that she had this permanent unceasing sense of doom, as if the world had let her in on it’s little secret, it’s big expiration date, and forgot to tell everyone around her.

It terrified her, this perma-doom. It was almost as if she was scared of the scariest thing, but not much else. Which was great, and horrible, all at once.

She often thought about it, and really, what would you do, given the information that the world was going to end, or at least begin to end, in a small number of days?

It’s not as if you can go out and do everything you’ve wanted to do in life. You can’t create a family in that amount of time. You can’t enjoy a long marriage, even if you did decide to go get married to your sweetheart or stranger you’ve grabbed off the street.

Most importantly, you can’t convince the people around you that you are even remotely sane or right on the subject of sed days remaining, so there really and truly isn’t a whole hell of a lot you can actually do.

She had quit her job long before, she felt that the simple fact that nobody else was concerned about the fact that half of our adult lives are supposed to be spent in an office, away from your loved ones, was really outrageous. ‘Hippie’ was a term thrown at her a few too many times, especially when it came to quitting her job.

It’s not as if she didn’t care about other things, it’s just, she grew infatuated.

She knew it was never glorious becoming infatuated with something. Well, it was never glorious becoming infatuated with something negative. She, overall, however, became infatuated with practically everything she encountered: food, (flipside working out), boys (flipside girls), drugs (flipside addiction help groups), loved ones (flipside hated ones). 

Most recently, and most obviously, she was infatuated with death (no flipside).

Before, however, she was infatuated with love. Infatuated with infatuation, you could say.

She was loved by many and loved many as well, in a very short period of time. She fell in love the most when she was 24, and she never really looked back and thought of any other love.

She oftentimes felt lovesad. You know, when you are deeply in love and you can make mountain sized problems out of molehills. Her relationship was fine, but she was constantly not fine with something about her relationship. She wanted more. She wanted less. She needed him. She needed him to change. She needed to change. You’ve felt this way right? No? Well have you been in love?  Because it’s really important before you go on reading this book that you’ve been in love, otherwise you really won’t care about the rest. (But no, this really isn’t exactly a love story.)



Beach Bums

My Honey and I went camping last weekend for his birthday at our favorite place, Thousand Hills State Park (Kirksville, Missouri). His 23rd and our 3.5 year coincided into a truly amazing day. 1eb267d0-0a8c-431d-9333-d84832c3bbb1228d5692b-36a4-4b3a-8800-9c527c3a52fa1a4b3dde2-6113-4343-ba97-9e77b5d3cc55

Dream Home

My blog is all about a balance of the good and the bad, as is life in general (how zen of me, huh?)

My depressing journal entries on life will always be balanced with photographic inspiration or fun short stories, I hope you enjoy them all.

Profreshionally Simple Photography really needs a shop out here, don’t you agree? 😀


Thanatophobia – Thanatowhat?

I found an amazing article online today in my usual mid-work panic attack about death and thought i’d share it with you all, as well as my response to it.

I’d love to get a community of similar thinkers together to help each other on rough days, please feel free to join in the conversation!

I personally think this article is a Godsend (can I say that if I’m not religious?). I don’t know where the trigger came from, but this last year of my 24-year-old life has been riddled with constant fear of death and of becoming nothing after all this hard work was put in here. I often find myself asking what the point of doing great things while here on earth is, ie graduating college and finding a successful job. I have done both things but have an anxiety attack or panic attack at least once a week due to uncontrollable fear of the unknown, and of becoming nothing after these ‘great’ things are done. I struggle daily between being a career-minded individual striving for further success, and also wanting to become a mother soon because I can’t seem to decide what becomes the most important in this life before death. I can only think of happiness and love. If anyone else feels the same way come check out my blog, talk to me, and let’s figure this out together.



Book Exchange!!

To my blog friends who are also avid book lovers; I need at least three more people to participate in a book exchange. You can be anywhere in the world (at least, anywhere that Amazon ships).

All you have to do is buy one of your favorite books and then send it to one person, a person whom (who? hmm) I will send you the address for. You will receive many books in return, from the next person in line who reposts the same thing. If you are interested, like this post and comment with your email address and I will send you the details.
This should be fun book worms!

Have an inspiring Thursday!