Thanatophobia – Thanatowhat?

I found an amazing article online today in my usual mid-work panic attack about death and thought i’d share it with you all, as well as my response to it.

I’d love to get a community of similar thinkers together to help each other on rough days, please feel free to join in the conversation!

I personally think this article is a Godsend (can I say that if I’m not religious?). I don’t know where the trigger came from, but this last year of my 24-year-old life has been riddled with constant fear of death and of becoming nothing after all this hard work was put in here. I often find myself asking what the point of doing great things while here on earth is, ie graduating college and finding a successful job. I have done both things but have an anxiety attack or panic attack at least once a week due to uncontrollable fear of the unknown, and of becoming nothing after these ‘great’ things are done. I struggle daily between being a career-minded individual striving for further success, and also wanting to become a mother soon because I can’t seem to decide what becomes the most important in this life before death. I can only think of happiness and love. If anyone else feels the same way come check out my blog, talk to me, and let’s figure this out together.




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