She Sleeps

‘We don’t have problems here, in this time, today. Don’t you see all the random …stuff we have, all the amenities provided to us to help become the laziest and most pampered era of people this earth has yet to see? We in many ways deserve what is coming to us, though so many of the young do not.’

Those were the words the man was saying, but his lips weren’t moving. It was always this way with this man.

It eventually got to the point where she would look up, in a mocking fashion, and yell ‘c’mon man, learn a new trick, I get it.’

Only, this time when she yelled he stopped speaking and stared right at her. His lips moved, but now he wasn’t saying anything.

A scream was heard from somewhere, from everywhere, and she quickly raised her hands to her ears to try and block it out.

‘These people that surround you are awful. They are vain, hateful, and selfish. You will see.’

She woke up again in a cold sweat, soaked in her sheets with a highly unsteady heart. 

This was how she slept now.


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