Obnoxiously Loud and Disturbingly Close

Sitting down to write another chapter for She this Monday is proving to be quite a difficult task, my mind is running so fast that I cannot seem to remember the ideas that pop up in the fleeting seconds before new ones.

Has anyone ever felt so….overwhelmed and consumed with their thoughts that they think they may scream out loud, just to reset and get some quiet up there?

I have spent my entire day planning my month at work and in bills, my business trip suitcase that needs to be packed in 2 weeks, my Christmas gifts for this year, my 3-year business and making babies plan, and even, I shit you not, my burial plans when I pass.

I cannot stop planning, thinking, making lists, and coming up with work and novel ideas writing-wise.

Feeling depressed and anxious for no reason isn’t the definition of crazy, not hearing myself think anymore is crazy.

Long story short, here are two very different, very nice pictures from my weekend instead.



3 thoughts on “Obnoxiously Loud and Disturbingly Close

  1. Sometimes it would be nice if brains had an ‘off’ button and we could simply flick it now and then. An overactive mind can be a real pain at times. I suppose it’s a question of training yourself to focus on one thing at a time. 🙂

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