Solo Travel

Tomorrow I finally get to do something I’ve wanted to do my whole life: travel far enough that an airplane is required.

I am both extremely excited and extremely nervous, the later due to the fact that I am an almost 25-year-old female who claims to be independent in most aspects, yet I have never travelled alone, or been apart from my almost 4-year boyfriend for more than 3 days since we moved in together (sad, I know, but he is my rock and my best friend). And while I am more than prepared to rock the networking scene and my 150 personal appointments at this point mentally, I am also insanely prone to anxiety/panic attacks, which is starting to worry me and put crazy mid-conference freak outs in my head that I am not sure how to handle just yet.

This is a big one, guys, and I am extremely pleased to share the journey with you all when I return, flying out of Kansas City tomorrow morning and landing in Orlando in time to make it to the beginning of the 4-day SYTA conference at the Rosen Shingle.

Here’s to new connections, new experiences, and new found solo confidence!


12 thoughts on “Solo Travel

  1. I hope you have a lovely time. Anxiety is tough and I don’t have any real words of wisdom – I find the best thing is maybe to be absorbed in something else – so reading or playing a game or writing on the plane – listening to music.
    Lynn ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. I agree with David! Focus on all the great things you’ll enjoy during the trip. I’d love to be flying out to Orlando right now. Have a wonderful time! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Courage, dear heart! May you never let your anxiety or panic attacks hold you back from anything you want in life. Knowing that you’re subject to ’em is the first and most important step, and the next is finding what works for you as you deal with, survive, and surmount themโ€”whether it’s having meds *with* you that you don’t need to take but feel more secure knowing you have them, or it’s having distractions that keep you focused comfortably elsewhere, or it’s some other custom-you blend of things. Everything’s better when you can conquer even just the struggles of the moment. Travel is doable. Life and love are better and more manageable and delightful. Have a grand time! I’m rooting for you!

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