Calming the Brain

I’m just going to leave this here today.

This is how I woke up. Today is all about calming the Brain (yes, he is a separate entity from me.)

PS, anybody without kids, do you ever wonder if it’s irresponsible to bring kids into our world the way it is? Asking for a friend…



9 thoughts on “Calming the Brain

  1. I’m almost 20 and I cannot wait to have children but struggle that if they are to to be born and be gay, transgender, anything that people find “offence” to (God knows how and why their own insecurities channel hatred to others!) that it will overshadow them being happy and healthy. I almost feel guilty to consider bringing up a child in such a hateful, prejudice world. Is that weird??

    1. No, I get it! I want children so bad as well, but I don’t think it’s fair to bring another innocent life into this big mess that is, like you said, so full of hate and horrible people. Does the love you can teach them outweigh the hate of the world? That’s my big question!

      1. I think maybe if you can teach them to love no matter what they are likely to be happy no matter what but it seems a daunting task to take on – I wouldn’t even know how to ensure my children lead their lives with love! And what if it all backfires and they hate you for it too!? Ahh the joys of motherhood (that I haven’t even reached yet! Hahah)

  2. There is no “best” time to raise children. Every era has its bad and good, fighting and peace. Heroes are not made in “good” times. Many times raising children in “good” times means they became lazy, self-servers.

    One thing I learned, though, you ignore the pressures from relatives and “friends” who want to force you to have kids, just because it’s the way things are. Don’t mate with the first thing that comes along just to have kids. Gag. We are not dogs. Have a family because you desire a family and will adjust your life to it. Model the behavior you teach them–they generally copy your behavior, not your words. Etc. Etc.

    PS: We don’t have children, and are doing fine. I enjoy teaching, though, then I can go home and rest up. 🙂

    1. Very well said! It may be the opposite for me, however, I am receiving family pressure to not have children if anything, but I want one (or two) to teach love and kindness to, but isn’t that just as selfish?

  3. In the country I live to think of having kids in SA, with no promise of a future, education, a job…in total total honesty I do not want to bring up kids here. But that’s thinking of the kids. On a more selfish note…For myself, I am quite happy not having kids. i really enjoy my sleep to much 🙂

  4. Just wow! I am a single father of 4. I am glad my children were born in this country. I am from Central America. Came here at 14. Have a great job visiting customers all over the USA. So sad this is some of the outlook of this society. My kids are loving and happy. They have friends, lots of friends and the people they deal with are from all over. I guess you can bring all that crap into your own self and life. Damn! I’m glad we don’t.

    1. I’m happy to hear a good view of the subject! I guess I meant in the world in general, not just about bringing kids into one country in particular. Just a personal ‘should I have children at this point in life or not’ debate.

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