As Above, so Too Below – Odd Ramblings about Astrology and Sadness


Rachel says any noticeable shift in emotions lately could be due to Mercury being in retrograde. I promptly say screw Mercury.

I am unreasonably sad, I miss my grandmothers and my sister, which isn’t bad, it’s actually good to remember who they were, but we all know the implications that remembering so fondly has on our emotional state.

Maybe Rachel is right, maybe Mercury did this.

Maybe, or maybe I’m just sad.

Either way, I miss them. They were the best women I knew, and I hope to a God, to the creator that took time with my soul and theirs, that they knew that.

I have this indescribable feeling today that I’m just calling sad, but it’s a bit more desperate than that.

I feel like I haven’t given enough love, enough appreciation, enough words to those I love and care for. I feel insignificant. I feel let down with myself as a person, being so lucky and blessed and loved and not always showing it back, not letting people know how much I care.

Yet I do, sometimes too much, let people know this.

There has to be more, a more permanent, more penetrable way to let these people know how much they mean to me, how much I will miss them when they are gone, right?

Well, either way, here is some astrology info I found surfing the interwebs today I found particularly insightful:

“In astrology, we always believe the following rule is true: “As above, so too below.” By that we mean there is a fractal relationship between the orbits in the heavens and human activity down here on Earth. This idea pervades all of astrology and is a very good concept to keep in mind.”


3 thoughts on “As Above, so Too Below – Odd Ramblings about Astrology and Sadness

  1. Something for you to think about…. start acting, thinking, doing something different today. Even something insignificant as saying hello to a cashier, waiter. Ask their names… do that. Little by little you will see more smiles …

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