Mountain Monday

The Smokies were:

1). Great for my camera.

2). Amazing for family time.

3). A refreshing reflection spot.

Here are my favorite mountain shots, more great photos to come all week (plus a new story or two!) 14441135_10154590566424066_8293608426014762198_n14449966_10154590563549066_1634484064979469175_n20160919_08592220160919_09204720160921_17045120160921_165633333



5 thoughts on “Mountain Monday

  1. You have a lovely setup with writing and beautiful pictures! While I can’t afford to donate to your novel, I wish you the best of luck! I will have to check out the chapters later haha.
    I’d also like to thank you for the follow. Feedback is always welcome and appreciated, so feel free to drop a comment or prompt anytime!
    Happy reading and writing!
    -Author S

    1. I appreciate it, positive vibes are always welcomed 🙂
      I just took a quick look for right now, but I am definitely digging the concept of your blog, will read more later!
      Thanks for the follow!

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