Dream Bigger

If you follow my blog regularly you probably know that I work for a student travel agency, a job that I love because not only do I get to write about something I’ve always been passionate about daily, but I also get the opportunity to travel more, both through company trips and through simple travel education that I didn’t have before (how to book, where to find deals, how to master not getting sick on flights, etc).

I made this map today to show where I’ve been so far, and to remind me where I still need to go.

The blue states are ones I’ve been in for a substantial reason/visit.

The orange states represent states I’ve travelled through.

The heart symbols represent places I’ve been lucky enough to travel to with my soulmate.

Not only do I need to reach so many more places here within the U.S (Washington, Oregon, Wisconsin, Montana, Louisiana, Maine. . . you are all calling my name), but I also need to get the heck out of the U.S!

We have such a large world, so many different cultures to learn about and breathtaking sights to see, that it saddens me to think I may only make to the places below.

So here’s to travel, to worldliness, and to new experiences and cultures.

Make your own interactive map here:  https://www.amcharts.com/visited_states/#
Learn more about great U.S travel opportunities here: http://www.grouptours.net or http://www.adventurestudenttravel.com


PS. If anyone knows of a good website or store where I can acquire a large print or canvas version of a blank U.S map to put on my living room or office wall, please let me know! I’d like to fill the states in with pictures I print out of my experience in each spot!


4 thoughts on “Dream Bigger

  1. I’m glad you have goals in travelling all over the U.S. and the world. Wisconsin winters are harsh but beautiful, my favorite season!
    I love that you gave links to make maps and take advantage of opportunities for travel! Despite my fear of flying, I to would like to travel outside of the U.S., especially to Canada (I know it’s close but…). I’d also love to go to the UK. There’s so much to see in such little time!
    Happy trails!
    -Author S

    1. I’ve been wanting to travel to Canada more and more here lately (cough cough our current political situation), I hear most of the country is just absolutely breathtaking.
      My company is sending me to Riviera Maya this December, so I will make it to Mexico by the end of the year as well. Let’s just hope my stomach agrees with the length of the flight from Missouri!

      1. Yes, the dreadful politics. A decision to pick the lesser of two evils as always, and I have no shame in saying Donald Trump is a despicable human being who never should’ve run, let alone gotten this far. If only I had enough money to escape!
        I’m glad you get a chance to visit Mexico and hope you have a wonderful time. If nothing else helps, you always have a bathroom on the plane. Distracting yourself might help settle you on the plane as well!
        Safe travels and happy writing!
        -Author S

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