Fall Feels

I am getting quite cozy with my new ‘post a day’ schedule, as well as this oversized-sweater-appropriate, yet temporary, 50-degree weather.

I won’t say it again, but you all know how I feel about fall…20161013_134952_picmonkeyed20161013_134603.jpg


8 thoughts on “Fall Feels

  1. I looove fall! It really is the best and cosiest season. Living in two-seasoned Australia (they “claim” they have four though, not true.) these days sometimes have me missing the four seasons back in Sweden. There’s nothing like that crisp morning air only fall brings about…

  2. Coming from Wisconsin and living in Illinois, I say bring on the negative fifties and two feet of snow.Fall has beautiful colors and comfortable whether, but there’s something pure and sobering about the winters here.
    Know that for now, the world surrounding me is pure but underneath is a layer of death-like slumber is a lovely yet harsh reality. Good luck in your post-a-day endeavors, and I hope they do you well! Feel free to read through and leave feedback as well if time permits.
    Happy reading, writing, and cozying up!
    -Author S

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