Broadway, Band, and the Importance of Music

Last night I stood outside a middle school gym and listened to the nostalgic sounds of excited snare drums and nervous woodwinds, my boyfriend and I supporting friend’s of ours’ child that was in the band.

As I watched the small-town band kick the hell out of a nice Proud Mary rendition I was flooded with my own band memories, too often forgetting the 8 years of my own life spent in marching, concert, and pep band. Hell, I even did winter flag twirling one year. Yeah, I was into it all, and yeah, I can still tell you horrible ‘This one time at band camp’ stories.

I could hear the lone clarinet belting out her notes and could feel my fingers moving in tune with her pitches…my body physically missed playing an instrument.

Thinking about this today reminded me of my last conference in Orlando (SYTA, Student Youth Travel Association). During one of the lunches, we were surprised with a live broadway performance, about 2 hours filled with 5 to 10-minute snippets from the latest and greatest in New York at the time. We saw School of Rock, The Color Purple, Kinky Boots, The Book of Mormon, and so much more.

I was floored. I didn’t even think I would like Broadway, yet there I was, crying like a baby at how beautiful it was. The passion put into the songs, the raw talent in their voices, the plain damn beauty in the music they were bringing to us was, well, emotional to say the least.

I have neglected music in my life recently, my only saving graces being my regular jam-out sessions with the Red Hot Chili Peppers and finding new funky indie rap beats to listen to while working.

I’m itching for a piano or clarinet….

Enjoy these Throwback Thursday photos of my lunch in Orlando, I still get the chills thinking about the Lion King and Kinky Boots.




9 thoughts on “Broadway, Band, and the Importance of Music

  1. There is nothing like a live performance and music speaks to the soul. These things are so important as kids go through school; I hope that they do not fall by the wayside. Not only does participation in the arts help stimulate scholastic studies, they help fuel creativity and inspiration. I’ve been doing theatre for 22 years and continue to love the things that people bring to the stage and create. I loved reading this.

    1. I really hope they stay priorities in schools as well, I can’t imagine a music-less school experience. It’s cheesy and overused, but music really does soothe the soul, and Lord knows we all need some soul soothing during school!
      It’s good to hear you are part of the music/theater community, good luck and have fun!

  2. Reading your post reminded me of my own 6 years of Elementary/Middle School/High School band. All i ever wanted to do before that was to be in the drumline and i got the chance to live out my dream. I still miss it all these years later. I still get to play drums now just behind my drumset in my band, but it’s not like high school marching band and symphonic band were. I need to get out to DCI competitions and high school marching band competitions to get my fix!

    1. I always secretly wished I was a member of drumline, I could never master anything besides our basic parade cadence.
      You should definitely get out to some competitions or even local school events, it will really bring you back!

    1. The ten minutes I got to see of it were absolutely spectacular. I felt like a little kid watching the performance. Lord of The Rings would be a really interesting one to see, as well!

      Thank you, by the way. My main job right now is writing travel blogs for a local travel agency, plus a few occasional freelance articles for a state-based magazine. I’m always looking for new opportunities, though!

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