Monday Editorial – WRITING THERAPY

It’s Monday again, which means I feel like posting whatever the hell I want again.

I have had this half-idea recently, a fuzzy what-if that hasn’t turned into much else, but with my brain constantly going a million miles an hour my most recent brilliant idea is to harvest every tiny creation that comes out of it, shitty or not. I mean, if my life purpose is to be creative, and my personal purpose (or desired purpose) is to make a difference, then I need to make every small idea I have thought of known, in case possibly it will help someone or pick up some heat in the process.

Anyway, today’s editorial/idea is this: Writing Therapy.

This probably isn’t new or doesn’t even sound interestingly useful to most of you, but bare with me here. The past year I have taken up my position as the lead writer for a travel agency (yes, yes, I’m sure I mention it too much, you know already). In doing so I have decided I am completely neurotic, as the opening of my creative mind daily has made me a 1)compulsive list maker 2)considerably more anxious/curious soul 3)avid ‘I can’t get my brain to stop working’ worrier. I mean, I’m sure you’ve read me try to explain it a few times, but sometimes I just can’t get my thoughts to stop. They aren’t always bad thoughts, ie I’m not always anxious or depressed, sometimes they are just creative thoughts, and I can’t keep up enough to organize them.

So I make lists. I make SO MANY lists, that I actually take all my lists from the work day daily and combine them into one final list, and each of those from each day gets compiled into a weekly, then monthly, then yearly ‘important to-dos’ or thoughts or goals, etc. You get the picture, I write out and plan a lot of things in my life.

I know I’m not the only one who does this, it is a seemingly common idea that highly successful or creative people in life make lists daily. 

The way I feel I differ, though, is that I try to use list making and excessive habit of writing things out as my own personal therapy, because I am 1) too cheap and 2) too afraid to go to actual therapy. I like my thoughts as neurotic as they are, 85% of the time anyway, and I don’t want pills to dumb them down. I also don’t want to hear I’m crazy out loud, and I also-also don’t want to cry in front of a stranger about my broken brain, they will not take me seriously and neither will I (I’m sure you can find a million denial/cop-outs in this paragraph to not going to a psychologist, I admit, I probably-maybe should go).

So I’m getting the idea out there, in hopes that it may help others, that others may already do it, or that you just get a kick out of the things I think are the most important in life (it’s all about perspective, right?).

WARNING: This list is really scattered and raw, take it as it is, it’s my mind!

Stuff to really worry about/do – 11/7 Edition

(experiment = make list each Monday, dwindle each day of week: set goals and demolish them: accomplishment=purpose)

((At the end of each Monday, delete things you cannot change this week/really aren’t as important as you thought while freaking out, then reblog/check it out on Friday))

(((EXPERIMENT PART = DON’T ADD MORE – either refine or delete)))

  • Sell Unwanted Stuff on Swap Shop – Buy Fiance new Work Shoes with Money
  • Buy More Christmas Gifts 
  • Tour Duplex After Work – Finalize Place to Live Next Year
  • Weight Loss –  Lifestyle Change
  • Plan Engagement Shoot – Save the Date Announcements
  • Call State Park – Ask Price/locations Available for Weddings
  • Vet Visit – Take Care of Dogs Fleas
  • Dwindle Ever-Growing Car Debt – Focus on Car, not School or Medical right now.
  • Apply for Credit Card – Grow Credit
  • Call Experian – Find out why line of credit isn’t reporting
  • Send W9 to Freelancing Job
  • Buy Stepmother Birthday Gift
  • Help Fiance Accomplish Goals – Focus on His Goals
  • Submit Fiction Story or Photography Weekly
  • Reduce List Making – LIST TOTAL THIS WEEK = _____
  • Use Freelancing and Birthday Money for Mexico Trip in December
  • Stop always wanting more/bigger things. 
  • Focus on Things that Matter: Work/Success, Brent/Love, Family/Friends, Environment/Animals, Health
  • Decorate Office more Positively
  • REMEMBER THAT THINGS DON’T MATTER, FEELINGS AND PEOPLE DO (find gifts that evoke emotion/are recycled)
  • Find Things that Matter to Write For
  • Read/Listen to 1 classic novel each week
  • 1 outdoor activity/ New Fitness Class each week
  • 10k steps/day OR elliptical 30 minutes OR run 15 minutes – NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Collab Work Writing with Freelance/ Personal Blog for more Oomph? (Personal Blog, Fiction, Travel/Work, Freelance/Magazine) + Design and Photography
  • Remember your body is a temple – Decide on Tree or Mountain Tattoo Addition
  • Healthy Body = Less Nicotine – Focus on replacing the habit with something else slowly.

2 thoughts on “Monday Editorial – WRITING THERAPY

  1. I’m glad you’ve found a sort of therapy in writing, specifically, making lists. I lot of people use writing as a form of personal therapy because they wouldn’t have means to get it otherwise or they like the control of it. I’m glad you’re happy with your thoughts, however neurotic they might be as many can suffer from the opposite.
    Also, list making can open up new mindsets and help see connections one might not have made otherwise. It’s nice to get a peek inside your mind and what you go through on a regular basis as seeing a writer’s process can be and often is fascinating.
    Happy blogging, writing, and giving self therapy!
    -Author S

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