On this 25 years ago, my baby butt was born into this crazy world, here’s what I’ve learned along the way…

25 Things I’ve Learned from Life in 25 Years:

  1. Love Trumps Everything (don’t misread that as Trump Loves Everything, because he doesn’t, notoriously he doesn’t.)
  2. Your own thoughts control the value of your own life
  3. If you want to be successful, work hard, constantly, not only at the beginnings of jobs/projects/ideas.
  4. It’s okay to fall down a few times, learning to pick yourself back up is the most important part.
  5. Laughing helps everything.
  6. Chocolate also helps everything.
  7. A walk outside to clear your mind and get fresh air will fix mental/physical problems faster than most medications.
  8. Alcohol solves zero problems realistically and typically makes things worse.
  9. On the flip side, alcohol typically will cure any sudden onset case of anxiety or the jitters (pre-presentation shots typically have a positive effect on my social presence, it’s all about moderation).
  10. True love does exist, like the kind you are skeptical about but dream about your whole life.
  11. Prejudging anyone, at any time,  will 9 times out of 10 help you make an ass out of yourself. Judgment in today’s society is a serious problem.
  12. Confidence is everything, in careers and in relationships. Fake it till’ you make it!
  13. Music can and will directly affect your mood, remember that.
  14. Try harder, I guarantee you-you can always try harder.
  15. Most things can be overcome with stronger willpower.
  16. Beauty isn’t everything, it is only a temporary blinder to most people until they realize more important things.
  17. The world will keep turning, regardless of petty day-to-day worries (taxes, bills, groceries).
  18. Politics suck. They are all corrupt. (Historical Election 2016…)
  19. While you need to make money to survive in this world, remember it is not everything, and will not matter once you’re 10 feet under.
  20. Exercise and water are REALLY important for all aspects of health.
  21. Habits/vices will come and go, never lose yourself too deep in them.
  22. Selfishness and Vanity will decrease your overall happiness by 10 fold, at least.
  23. Taking a day, few days, or week to decide you are depressed and/or upset about petty things in life, will dramatically decrease your overall productivity, happiness, and positive energy.
  24. Always tell those you love that you love them, time is extremely short and unguaranteed.
  25. Life, regardless of what may be going on, is a truly beautiful privilege we have, try to spend the least amount of time possible being negative or ungrateful (though of course, this happens).

9 thoughts on “25.

  1. Happy belated birthday! I’m sorry I couldn’t respond earlier, but politics drained me because I was trying to fight the hate and hypocrisy. Your advice is well put and I agree with most of it. It helped brighten my day, so thank you!
    Happy living!
    -Author S

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