Hello, it’s me. (What the Hell is a Dell?)

I’ve been a bit behind on sharing my thoughts, so here’s a quick and dirty catch up for those who are interested. (By the way, if you don’t understand that title, you should watch The Ranch).

1). I switched offices at work; 1 year and some change here and 25 years on this earth gets you a bigger office with a window! So much more light, creativity, and productivity are afoot here now.

2). I am ferociously putting the final touches on our trip plans for Mexico (only 28 days away!!). I have never been this far away, have never left the country, and have never seen the ocean. I AM ESTATIC. Besides the obvious bliss, I am also extremely grateful that this trip is with my travel agency company and I will not be completely oblivious as to what to do on such a long flight, in an all-inclusive resort, in a different country, etc…

3). My heart is hurting for my best friend, whose father is undergoing a serious illness currently. Of course, we’ve all been there, you know, around death, yet it never ceases to amaze and discomfort me. I wish I could be there more for her and also at the same time wish we could all realize how short life truly is, and how real the pain that can come and go really is.

4). – I am that close (<—) to saying screw it for awhile with photography, I have negative patience left for it to go somewhere, and it takes up  a lot of time to promote it. I will continue to take them daily, of course, but i’m afraid they will only be for me to enjoy and keep.

5). I am constantly battling starting wedding plans and at the same time wanting to get out and mingle more, my brain is in the BIGGEST tizzy with my engagement. (In the best way possible, I do believe). Hooray for equally valuing love and independence.

6). This year has been INSANE, with constant travel and love and goals being accomplished, I find myself so often wondering if this is the time of my life, or if i’m meant for bigger, more meaningful things. Too deep and too blah for me as a subject right now, but if it makes any sense to you, I feel both completely satisfied with life and completely unsatisfied with life.

I hope you are all doing well this week, at least we all survived our first few days under President Trump!

Oh, and here are a couple photos from the week for you! 20161115_075121_picmonkeyed20161115_134539




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