The Unfortunate Implications of Why

Teeny talking toddlers are infamous for asking it repeatedly, philosophers have been pondering it since the dawn of time, and my idiotic brain is stuck on it for infinity: Why?

My whole life I have been asking people bigger or more powerful than myself ‘why’, why must I do this, why do you always do that, why are we all doing anything?

This is common for children, this much I know, but why? (Ahhh see what I did there, it’s terrible).

Children are curious, naturally. They don’t know much but they have this big brain and empty space to fill and they need to know the answers to any and everything they can.

I never grew out of this mind-shaping stage. I’m like a little kid, stuck in a twenty-something female body (that sounds creepier than it should).

Knowing my reader base, I know that a lot, or rather, most of you are shaking your head at my skepticism and saying to yourselves ‘there she goes again complaining about things that aren’t worthy of true complain, wondering is a great thing’. And I get it, I really do, asking the question why, in theory, seems creative and open and wonderful at any stage of life.

Only, I can’t stop asking why.

Why get up today? Why go to my job today? Why make money today? Why is money necessary in our society? Why can’t we spend our time loving and being loved? Why do my job well? Why write my thoughts down? Why set goals? Why get mad at my fiance? Why put gas in my car? Why eat dinner tonight? Why work out in the morning?

I am not just rambling here, I really wonder those things on a daily basis. You can blame it on my ever-present and ever-growing fear of the fragility of life and always-nearness of death, I know I certainly do.

To continue my thoughts…why proofread this post? Why post it in the first place? Why take such time and pride in an online collection of thoughts? Back to my old depressing motto ‘The Libraries will all Burn Down, Eventually’. (ie, we’ll all die someday and be unconscious of this all, no matter how hard we think or try or do or wonder).

Hopefully this post didn’t ring as depressing to you, it’s just Wednesday thoughts to share. So, how is your day going?


4 thoughts on “The Unfortunate Implications of Why

    1. Do you ever think too much reflection is harmful, because personally i’m quite tired of reflection/analyzation. Though you are right, overall it is a good practice to do every now and then!
      The weekend couldn’t get here any sooner!

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