I like the sound of ‘peepography’ as a term for ‘people photography’, however, I’m afraid it ends up sounding more like a creepy peep-show related act.

Nevertheless, I mean it as a term for photos of people, which is something I rarely do and do not claim to be great at, so bear with me.

The first collection is a couple of my beautiful niece and her first Halloween, this year with my fiance and I. She mostly decorated with stickers and played with the pumpkin insides, though she seemed to enjoy both.

The second set are photos a stranger snapped quickly after our engagement, I tried editing them enough to make them usable, the wind/poor face making on my part made it quite difficult, though.

People photos are just so…messy to me, it’s hard to feel pleased with the composition of any of them. The subject matter of these are, however, quite important to me so it’s worth a shot! (Photography humor, get it?)




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