Design, Holidays, and Freelancing Advice.

I have two things to share today. Well, make it three, just to be safe.

First off, I hope you all had a spectacular holiday this weekend. This was our first year balancing being officially engaged and making it to all of our family gatherings, we hit 3 out of 4, which we consider a massive success, even though they may have all been a tad bit more rushed than anyone really wanted. Our stomachs and hearts are beyond full, to say the least.

Second, if you have a moment would you do me a favor and choose one of the designs below that strikes your fancy the most. It’s more about style and imagery/font than the message in the design, so just ignore any past holiday themed ones. You’ll want to be sure to click and enlarge a few of them to see it all.

And last but not least, here’s an article to any fellow freelancers out there who tend to feel discouraged or super poor at any given time (or all the time). giphy-facebook_s

It’s a cornucopia of Danielle thoughts today, enjoy and have a positive day!


4 thoughts on “Design, Holidays, and Freelancing Advice.

  1. Hello and happy Monday to you! I’m glad to hear your family matters are going well, and I wish you nothing but positivity going forward.
    As for the designs, I love the ones where image and words coexist without one blocking or distracting from the other. If they were numbered like a telephone layout, I’d pick numbers 3, 5, 8, 9, 10, and 12. They’re lovely designs!
    Also, thank you for the link to help encourage freelancers! There is wonderful talent out there being exploited I’m sure, and this gives them some evidence and advice to fight back or stand up for themselves!
    As a last note, feel free to drop by and leave feedback anytime!
    Happy blogging!
    -Author S

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