My Beloved Gatlinburg

There is not much else on my mind today…I know our love affair was short but I haven’t gotten your bumps and ridges out of my mind since we first met…and now you’re gone.

My family and I are wallowing in emotion, the place we called our home for a week this a couple months ago up in flames, being destroyed.

I know, trust me I know, that wildfires, over time, are much better on the land.

I also know that the beautiful mountain cabins, warm homes, gorgeous outlooks, hell, even the aquarium full of creatures within the town, they are all in danger. They will not, over time, become stronger from this. They will have to be rebuilt, revamped, reconstructed.

God, it was so beautiful. 15285000_10154806012689066_8000300763024475229_n



4 thoughts on “My Beloved Gatlinburg

  1. My family had reservations for a pre-Christmas trip to the area. We debated what we should do, but in the end decided that what these people really need is for people to continue to visit. What we have found is there is still a lot of beauty and plenty to do. Spring will tell the tale of how much lasting damage the mountains suffered. The human devastation shows much more clearly. The property loss is astounding and the loss of life so sad. Our trip has had it’s sad moments, but if you travel here regularly or have planned a trip don’t allow the damage of the fires to keep you away. This area depends so much on tourism for its livelihood and maybe even more so it’s resolve in moving forward.

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