Frosted Shutterbug.

Sorry to be so typical lately, but I think I have found my photography niche for the season. I am in love with these clean, simple shots.

Also, any tips for beating the flu 2 days before a big trip?

Positive Vibes!



3 thoughts on “Frosted Shutterbug.

  1. These are lovely! No need to be sorry! Even though I love winter weather, seeing something sunny and reminiscent of spring/summer is a nice break from the gray skies and melting/freezing masses of what’s left of the first snowfall.
    Also, some tips on how to beat or at least relieve your flu before your trip:
    1. Take hot showers and blow your nose during (it may sound really gross, but it’ll help clear the mucus)
    2. LIQUIDS! AND LOTS OF THEM! Okay, this one sounds obvious and repetitive of like every doctor on the planet, but it works. Not only are you supposed to keep up your vitamin C with stuff like orange juice, but lots of water and warm/hot chicken broth do wonders! Soup is super helpful for getting meat/veggies into your system, and the broth is a delicious flu fighter. Drink plain hot chicken broth can help too!
    3. Sleep is very important, so don’t underestimate the power of naps as well as regular night sleep.
    4. If the symptoms aren’t too severe and you can do this without making yourself feel worse, I’d try some light exercise just to get your body moving. I know when you’re sick, all you feel like doing is lying in bed and waiting it out, but if you can get that blood pumping even just for a little while, it should help give it a little boost. ONLY do this if you feel up to it, though! Don’t exhaust yourself or it might make things feel worse! Try it if you feel up to it, and listen to what your body tells you.
    5. Eat healthy foods! Load up on fruits, veggies, proteins, vitamins etc. They’ll give your body a boost of energy, and it’ll help you feel better than if you’re starving or loading up on feel-good junk foods. However, because it may facilitate more mucus, stay lower on dairy intake.
    6. If you need a quicker clear for your sinuses, try stronger mints (like Altoids) or spicy foods as long as you can handle them. They do wonders for helping you to breathe through your nose again!

    I hope those help and you feel better soon! Don’t push too hard to get better before your trip otherwise you’ll be miserable for the entire thing.
    I hope you have a wonderful trip!
    -Author S

      1. Of course! Just be careful not to overdo it! Spicy foods can help or they can make your stomach hell depending on how you can handle them (myself, not well at all haha). Also, be sure not to over exert yourself with exercise and wear your body down more. Start off slow and do only what you can handle, no rush to do any marathons, even if they’re planned on your trip! 😉
        Good luck and let me know how today goes!
        -Author S

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