Three Wise Men

There once were three wise men, and one foolish girl.

The first took his time getting there. He knocked on the door to the home of her soul, he tried so hard to get in. He was supportive, he was kind, and he was a gentleman. He told her sometimes we all just needed human connection, and let her lay her head on his shoulder. He brought her gold and good tidings and he left.

The second took no time getting there. He barged in on her physical being, he invited himself in, she didn’t kick him out. He was aggressive, he was sexy, he was too much for her to handle. He told her he liked her charm and her attitude, and her tits. He got her fucked up and they fucked up.

The third took the most efficient path of all. He waited around her door patiently, he knocked a few times, he came in. She invited him in. He was funny, he was incredibly genuine, and he was lost. He told her he was in love with her, and she told him she was sorry. He left, and she stayed foolishly.


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