With Love from Cancun

I’m baa aaa ack!

All last week I was privileged enough to travel with my company and some new friends to Puerto Morelos, my new dream home, and favorite winter getaway.

My fiance got to come along with me as my plus one, and this was a trip of many firsts for us. We traveled with a few girls from my travel company and their spouses and friends. Again, I am very lucky I landed the job I have!!

Here’s what I learned:

  • The ocean is more massive and gorgeous than is ever described in words or captured in photos.
  • The feeling of sand beneath your feet is a must-experience in your life and one that I will struggle with for a while to put into words that do it proper justice.
  • Traveling with your partner and trying new things will teach you so much about each other, even after four years of being together.
  • You can’t bring apples through customs.
  • You can bring coral through customs.
  • The water in Mexico is really no joke, don’t open your mouth in the shower.
  • The coral reef is a beauty I will never be able to describe.
  • Adventure really is one of the life’s greatest pleasures.
  • Travel makes you so much wiser.

Stay tuned all week for my favorite photo finds from the area, the announcement of the winner of my canvas giveaway, and the launch of my new photo project!

Peace, love, and happy holidays!

Oh, and did I mention the weather….15622597_10154881073144066_8578527310074683566_n15540952_10154878337469066_4059073779581774673_o15541619_10154878334604066_1112755329607712170_n


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