Photo Storage Poll.

Photography friends, please take a quick moment to answer my photography Twitter poll or comment your own answer, if you would!

Thanks in advance!


6 thoughts on “Photo Storage Poll.

  1. If I take pictures, they usually stay in my phone or camera for the longest time or I’ll move them into the computer. If I want to remember something specific, I find myself writing it out instead.
    I hope this is kind of what you were looking for, but if I misread the question, let me know!
    -Author S

  2. As a photographer, I like to double back up. I use an external hard drive and also a flash drive. Flash drives are nice to give the photos on; if they are a returning customer you can just keep adding the photo sessions on there.

  3. For saving them I have a server in the attic that is permanently connected to an offline backup (which is cheaper than you would think).

    For looking through then, either locally on my laptop, or on my phone.

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