Hector Walks


I am unbelievably undecided between posting this series of stories as a weekly flash fiction installment OR saving my writing for a later full publication. Thoughts?

How can I balance giving interested readers a taste of my ongoing work without giving up too much for free online when I intend to pursue it as a private publication later down the road?

Well, regardless, here is D.R Breshears’ latest personal work. My past year of ideas between my Hector series, Sleepwalking series, and creepy short stories are slowly coming together into an exciting clusterfuck of an idea. Clearly, the title isn’t the most clever, but it’s a work in progress. Enjoy.

Black eyes peered out of the spot where Hector lay, his fingers moving rapidly underneath his sheets and what looked like a well-experienced typist speed.

‘Honey.’ She grimaced as his fingers stopped suddenly.

His movements were clearly agitated as he forced his hands to his side, his black eyes glistening up toward the popcorn-stained ceiling instead of meeting her own softly tired ones.

‘Yes’. It was not quite a response, more of a statement he made, very confidently.

Her eyes twitched from sleep deprivation as she moved her thoughts around to figure a way to put her words into the fragile room carefully. She always had a tendency to want to snatch them back after she said them, she did not want to do this with Hector in the same room.

‘You need to go to sleep, otherwise, we won’t have a good day at the doctor tomorrow’. Nervously, she paused. She waited for a response, watching the slight upturns and rounded curves of his lips as he looked to ponder a rebuttal.

His eyes changed from lackluster ceiling fixation to burn-a-hole-through-the-door-behind-her focus.

The color that shown through today was the same Coraline Button-Eyed-Black she had seen before. It was haunting, to say the least.

‘If I sleep, I will walk’. Very matter of factly he blinked away the next words he looked like he wanted to say.

Instead, he muttered quietly, and maybe even timidly this time, ‘You know what that’s like now, don’t you mom’.





4 thoughts on “Hector Walks

  1. The road you choose is obviously your choice but I occasionally have the same thoughts about what to give away for free and what to keep in case it’s the next best seller. One of my more recent stories went through a large change because I realised when I wrote it I’d partially plagiarised myself by writing a scene similar to one of those in the novel I have with the editor.

    Since I started blogging the idea has always been to use the blog as a ‘possible’ addition to any paid writing I might get, never to use the blog for writing that might be saleable. My blog writing is quiet a bit different to the novels and short stories I’ve tried to sell and I plan to keep it that way if I can.

      1. It’s one of those catch 22 situations, to give away or not to give away and there is no single answer that suits everyone but for me I choose not to directly link the two. Even if I choose the self publishing path for my books I doubt I’ll use my blog to advertise them, but that’s not to say everyone should do that.

  2. I’d say when it comes to whether or not to give something away with stories, I’d consider what you post here a first draft of sorts. It’s polished enough to publish online as an exciting little bit for readers to devour and build up a taste for, but not likely something you’d put directly into a publication on its own.
    This is a lovely dark idea for some fiction. I’ve always wondered about the intricacies of sleepwalking and what it can mean for not only the person doing it but their loved ones around them. However, that being said, I think the writing style for this piece needs work.
    You do a lot of telling with adverbs and even some double adverbs that made me cringe because they come off as so artificial and flat. When I read, I want works of literature to live and breathe as if they had a mind of their own. I’d get rid of the world very altogether and cut out those pesky adverbs to take opportunities to show readers the story through either your eyes as the narrator or Hector’s eyes as the main character.
    I hope this helps with the development of future pieces, and feel free to ask any questions if I was unclear.
    Happy writing!
    -Author S

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