Tuesday Tidbit: Split


It’s the end of the day.

I feel, big fucking surprise, very split on it all.

He told me not to worry about where it came from, only to worry about what I would put it toward.

Easy for him to say. He didn’t even need it. I’m not sure if he ever needed it.

I wasn’t going to put it toward anything. Quite the opposite, actually, I was going to put it toward nothing. He could go fuck himself.

I reached into my pocket and pulled out what I knew he was expecting in return, a small locket emptied just a couple days before.

It was a fairly easy trade, physically, but mentally it shook us both.

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Friday Photos

Spending my break messing with a few different exposure levels, which do you prefer?

Have a great weekend!!

-D.R Breshears

Throwback: Ancient Flora

This Thursday Throwback is taking you back to my first year venturing around both my current town of Kirksville and my ever-increasing passion for photography (circa 2010).

Also, it’s snowing this morning. While I think it is particularly peaceful and beautiful at the moment, it also makes me long for the below.

Positive Vibes, Friends!


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Wanderlust: Your Own Backyard


noun wan·der·lust \ˈwän-dər-ˌləst\
  1. :  strong longing for or impulse toward wandering

Too often I forget how absolutely stunning the place I live is, from backyard sunsets bursting in my community to the state park lakeside views that make you forget about the ocean altogether; rural Missouri is beautiful.

The seasons here are wildly unpredictable and sometimes you will see all four jammed into one week, but the rolling hills of northern Missouri in any season set against the backdrop of corn and wheat fields will really make you feel like you’re at home, even if you’re not from here. Snow, sleet, rain, hail, anything looks good blanketing these fields. This place is a farm town paradise, and sometimes I forget that this is what wanderlust is all about: wandering.


So wander around my backyard with me for a few seconds, then let’s go wander around yours! capture5471_436472923108058_178828677_n294971_465102353578448_1419895491_n1001770_476348912453792_1569272304_n14322403_10154567177724066_5532797092314402623_nimg-20120130-00323-2149301_10150870438944066_784317251_na4b3dde2-6113-4343-ba97-9e77b5d3cc55

Tuesday Tidbit: A Fit

Time for another Tuesday Tidbit from D.R Breshears!

Very short, not very sweet, but most importantly, very to the point (get it?).

Hector had a fit. It wasn’t a normal 6-year old tantrum. It was a quick spurt of madness. It was dark and it was sad, and it was overall shockingly uncontrollable. It was in all senses of the word, a fit.

Sitting at the kitchen island, her morning coffee barstool sanded down to the perfect height to allow her to hang her feet over the last ledge, she heard a scream. It broke the house’s silence like an angry ex-boyfriend, needing to be heard in the most violent manner possible.

It was weird how slowly she moved in that moment, how unconcerned she was about it. It was so blood-curdling, so absolutely high-pitched and terrified that she hadn’t even thought of Hector. Him being in harm’s way wasn’t even on her mind. 

Sitting her coffee cup down carefully on blue-tiled countertop so as to not spill any, she hopped down to the floor light-footed.

Her steps were quick and swift as another scream broke the houses calm silence. Again, not Hector. Not Hector.

Just as she reached the third step she heard it.

Glass. Glass was shattering. It was that oh-so-fragile, almost beautiful, exciting sound of glass breaking into a million little pieces. Hector.


She had been steadily losing control of her life for years now. Her thoughts so often spiraled out of control that she constantly found herself grasping for something to hold on to, but everything was fleeting. She did not know how she felt about politics, men, love, success, money, or religion. Things that used to make her comfortable no longer did, and she felt an overwhelming uselessness and hopelessness. She felt she needed answers and confirmation, which she also felt would never come, not even in the end. She needed to not feel split between the confines of madness and numbness, she needed to find a peaceful purpose not so drenched in mental turmoil.

Photo Friday

Short and sweet Friday post for those of you who wish it were a little less gloomy this inauguration day (no pun intended).

I’d say these photos are each a couple years old, two of my favorite trees in Kirksville ❤


Throwback: Elemental Profusion

6 years ago I published my very first piece on WordPress. I was a freshman in college, I was taking a creative writing course, poetry course, and comp course and I was feeling on top of the world with a pen and paper at my side.

So I wrote a lot of stuff, stuff I don’t typically write anymore but is still really inspiring and fun(ny) to look back on. This was my Freshman Poetry Final project, ‘Elemental Profusion’. Enjoy one hell of a throwback, friends!

Elemental Profusion

The earth
The pidder padder of rainfall hitting the dry ground.

The air
The vast twinkling of the stars in the night sky.

The fire
The warm crackling embers drifting by.

The water
The gentle lapping, the splashing sound.

Our life
All elements intertwined, combined, profound.



Blazing was our desire
Burning up everything around us
Blasting through our lives like a wildfire

Unstoppable, just as a wildfire shows
Undoubtedly, anything trying to impede the process
Unwittingly affixes itself in the deadly throes

Really there wasn’t much that could be done
Resignedly our paths themselves had chosen
Realize that these lives of ours would be spent on the smoldering sun

Now that’s what choosing this love means
Needing to be hurt, to be burnt, be overpowered in its flames
Negligently catching on fire, doused with loves own gasolines



The boat took me
farther than I had before been.
The solid aquatic world beneath me
no longer frightened me.
Sitting there on the bow
I came to think of how it actually enlightened me.

My fear of drowning
in a world that was so unknown,
turned into an ecstatic reminder
of what we could still discover.
Our tired human species able to once again
explore a vast unknown, like an untouched lover.

The boat was surely close
to running out of time to go unnoticed.
Our guide and our group uncaring,
open to my imaginative world at last.
The trip would soon be over,
as quick our passion ignited, it would die just as fast.

But my friends,
this excursion was no waste.
Some go their whole life
without an opportunity such as this.
A life with no purpose, no direction,
nothing even close to our impending bliss.

The opportunity to be one
with a raw element of life.
To find solace
in your one last unclaimed adventure.
To be born in the water, to die in the water,
was the ultimate life quencher.



Airplanes, birds, kites, and seasonal rains
Dwellers, visitors, admirers, and adventurous brains
Looking, listening, loving, whatever the vast open ordains
No rules, no limits, no expectations, no binding chains.

The power is unmatched
The grace is unnamed
The vast unattached
The sky forever untamed.

From weather of tornadoes, hurricanes, and undying winds
to peaceful skies of blue, pink, and whatever the sun spins
our sky, our life, our endearing friend, we kindly accept whatever the air sends
for our happiness for or our leisure, on air our life depends.



The sparkling frostbitten crunch of powdery winter
fades into the damp freshly padded footfalls of spring
followed closely by the unquenchable sun-ridden paths of summer
leading into the colorfully dead crunch of fall.

Earth’s surface is ever-changing
But naively so are our perceptions of it, too oft unchanging.

It isn’t taken into account the perplexity of our dear friend
the pure intricacy of the home upon which we depend.

The astoundingly impressive peaks of snowy mountains
compared to the frightfully deep crevices of dark valleys
paralleled to the fresh beauty and strength of enchanting forests
matched only by the mysterious gleam of innumerable lakes.

All it has to offer, all it has to give,
is simply beautiful, ever-changing, a reason to live.



***Note, all old posts will be slowly cycled through, edited, reposted, and deleted from my wordpress as to clean up my content a bit.


Wanderlust Wednedsay: Adventure

I’ve been debating how to present my Wanderlust stories each wednesday, mainly because I don’t want to write or design in any similar way I do at work. I like to keep my work and my play-work separate, so I haven’t known whether to talk about my travels as places, as person to person experiences, or as thematic subjects.

If you can’t tell, i’ve gone with the later, the furthest topic away from my destination-article-writing daily career tasks.

Travel is a personal passion and while it may be work for me, is also play. It is my passion, my dream, and the source of most of my memorable experiences.

So today’s theme?


I have:

  • Ziplined the Smokie Mountains
  • Rode the fastest rollar coaster in Orlando
  • Made it across an Aerial Adventure Coarse in Pigeon Forge 
  • Scubad + Swam to Underwater Statue Garden in Cancun
  • Had a full-blown panic attack in after-dark cave swim (halfway counts?)
  • XPLOR Fuego-ed in Mexico….enough said.

Adventure travel brings out something in yourself you may have never seen before. It brings out confidence, bravery, adrenaline, and excitement. If you are lucky enough to do something adventerous with someone you love, you get to see all these sides of them as well, which is like opening doors to a new person. Getting out of one’s comfort zone allows for growth and memories you won’t be able to replace. So what have I learned adventuring so far?

  1. If you think you can’t, you’re the only one stopping you.
  2. Bravery pays off.
  3. Experiences > Plans (if you planned to do something meaningful or big somewhere, don’t chicken out, you’ll really regret it once you are back home).