Eat, Travel, Learn.

What is your favorite part of traveling?

Being an avid traveler by weekend and writer for a travel agency by week, I get this question a lot. I mean, A LOT.

The answer is always the same, and always the first to come to my mind.


There is truly no better way to experience another culture, region, state, or place in general than by tasting their foods. It’s not just about different chains of restaurants or chefs available in that location, it’s about the style of cooking, the ingredients available, and the soul put into it. Tasting the local delicacies and hidden gems of any area will allow you to taste the culture and the history, and of course, a myriad of really delicious foods.

The photos below are from this year’s travels and I’m using them as my ‘is it lunch break yet’  foodie porn.
Can you guess the location with the plate?


6 thoughts on “Eat, Travel, Learn.

      1. OMG, lets clarify this, I love deep dish Pizza, but that looked out of this world, it’s 8am right now and my craving are already kicking in. Lovely travels!

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