Tuesday Tidbit

Tuesday Flash Fiction Tidbit

Her mind was thinking too quickly, the events of her last month were flooding back too quickly, therapy’s progression was draining too quickly.

The time she spent in that horribly dark place came back to her in an instant, the room in front of her with Donovan looking up at her, terrified, blurring out of reach. She wasn’t at her sister’s anymore, she was in the box, she was in the dark.


His steps were slow, deliberate.

She knew this was coming, she knew since the day she escaped.

She was thrilled to get to see him again, to possibly get to touch him…

‘You thought it would be so easy, so natural, to leave me.’ His words were ice, pure disdain mixed with a sadness she felt all too familiar with tonight…

‘I….they told me….’ she couldn’t. She couldn’t do anything. She couldn’t move, she couldn’t speak, she could barely even blink.

They told you?? You told me you loved me, Lorna. You told me you would always love me, and that we would always be together.’ His icy voice changed into one so mournful she thought she’d cry just listening to him. She twisted her hands together sheepishly.

That strange sadness that had overtaken her suddenly disappeared then, though, as she remembered saying those words to him. She remembered intertwining her fingers with his as she stared into his half green, half brown eyes, telling him exactly that, that she would always love him.

She remembered intertwining her fingers with his as she stared into his half green, half brown eyes, telling him exactly that, that she would always love him.

‘James, I do love you, I’ll always lo-’. And that was it. That was all she could say.

She could see the ongoing battle between raw anger and uncontrollable sadness flush over his face as she watched his mouth contort shut. He had dark circles under his eyes and his breathing was shaky, his hands looked as if they were going to rebel against his body with fury. He reached into his pocket and pulled out her ring, the engagement ring she threw at him what seemed like years ago.

Just the glint of it from across the room made her feel warm inside. God, she was so happy with him.

She then watched him pull out a familiar looking pistol, the one they bought together earlier that year. Self-protection. ‘Safety first,’ he had said confidently that bright January morning.

She remembered they went to the shooting range outside of town that day and laughed, taking turns shooting surprisingly accurate holes into their target. They went to lunch afterward at her favorite spot, she was pretty sure they even had sex before they got home that day. It was one of the greatest days of her life.

He smiled at her. She smiled back at him. God, he was beautiful.

Just as she thought this she heard the safety click, she saw his upper arm flex and heard the bullet eagerly escape the chamber. The sound was astoundingly silent.

Donovan’s scream broke the moment and she started paying attention. The blur of her vision was untrustworthy, though it showed, unmistakably, the blood pouring from her shoulder, the wound too deep to recover.

‘I love you, Lorna. Now we will love each other forever, just like you said’ and he turned the gun on himself.


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