The Silver Lining

I, like many people, have a very on and off personality type. I can spend 4 days in the office being efficient as hell, making and crushing goals and pushing content like it’s nobody’s business while still getting my physical and social life exercised properly.

I can also spend 2 or 3 days depressed in my dark office, fighting with my fiance just to fight, crying about the bitter things in life.

We all get like this, and it sucks.

Today is an off day, for sure. I don’t have any clever thoughts or ideas, it is too cold to take a walk, and I’m incredibly tired and drained. This isn’t a complaint, I will bounce back, I just thought I’d share for anyone else feeling a little…meh today.

Silver lining: this great photo I got this morning on my way into the office. Enjoy!capture33333


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