I like starting the week out with some too-deep thoughts, because Mondays are so easy anyway, right?

So here’s my question:

Do you prefer alone time or to be most typically in a group of people/ not alone?

And you can’t say, ‘well it depends on my mood’, or ‘it always changes’. I’m talking about overall, most of the time, generally, etc. 

Imagine this is one of those kiddy games where you have to choose, like ‘would you rather’, that’s the game.

See I myself will always choose a group of people or another person. I have always been this way; clingy as a kid to my grandparents and father, clingy in high school to my best friend, and clingy right now to my fiance. I really hate being alone, I have this desperate feeling of ‘fomo: fear of missing out’ and anxiety about being alone that I tend to just walk around my house waiting for someone to come talk to me or call me.

But here recently I’ve been craving alone time, sometimes to myself to think about my life personally and decide what I want to do with my day and then just…do it and not worry about what others around me think. 

Here’s some food for thought:


10 thoughts on “Solitude.

  1. While I enjoy spending a few hours with people, I am content to be alone. Hubby works long hours. I’m retired. I wake up, spend time with the Lord, do some writing, head out to the public to teach for a couple of hours, run errands, or go out to lunch with friends, then it’s back home to relax, write a little more, and get dinner ready. My sweetie and I spend time from dinner to his early bedtime, then it’s back to writing or TV or reading a good book. I love my life!

  2. I can understand wanting and needing certain people around, but if I were in your situation, I’d get used to spending time alone. You might learn to enjoy it and find value in having private time to reflect and recharge, even if it’s just a short break.
    I hope you find a happy medium!
    -Author S

  3. I prefer to be alone since that is a choice. Other people are around me enough. Having solitude as an option is appealing to me.

  4. I much prefer solitude. When I spend time around other people, my fear of missing out is all the things I love to do when alone: reading (books, blogs, articles), watching TV, writing, etc. If I get myself too socially involved (more than 2.3 regular events a week), then I find myself becoming a jerk and needing to sever commitments so as to not alienate the people around me. If I get below one regular social events a week, then I do tend to feel a bit lonely.

  5. Tough one. Spending time with one or two people is fine. Spending time in a group bigger than that I find stressful and tiring.

    In a room full full of people I generally feel more alone than when I’m actually alone.

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