Wanderlust Wednedsay: Adventure

I’ve been debating how to present my Wanderlust stories each wednesday, mainly because I don’t want to write or design in any similar way I do at work. I like to keep my work and my play-work separate, so I haven’t known whether to talk about my travels as places, as person to person experiences, or as thematic subjects.

If you can’t tell, i’ve gone with the later, the furthest topic away from my destination-article-writing daily career tasks.

Travel is a personal passion and while it may be work for me, is also play. It is my passion, my dream, and the source of most of my memorable experiences.

So today’s theme?


I have:

  • Ziplined the Smokie Mountains
  • Rode the fastest rollar coaster in Orlando
  • Made it across an Aerial Adventure Coarse in Pigeon Forge 
  • Scubad + Swam to Underwater Statue Garden in Cancun
  • Had a full-blown panic attack in after-dark cave swim (halfway counts?)
  • XPLOR Fuego-ed in Mexico….enough said.

Adventure travel brings out something in yourself you may have never seen before. It brings out confidence, bravery, adrenaline, and excitement. If you are lucky enough to do something adventerous with someone you love, you get to see all these sides of them as well, which is like opening doors to a new person. Getting out of one’s comfort zone allows for growth and memories you won’t be able to replace. So what have I learned adventuring so far?

  1. If you think you can’t, you’re the only one stopping you.
  2. Bravery pays off.
  3. Experiences > Plans (if you planned to do something meaningful or big somewhere, don’t chicken out, you’ll really regret it once you are back home).



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